Tickmill Rebate | The highest 90% Cashback up to 9 USD/lot

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In the competitive world of Forex trading, selecting a platform that not only provides excellent trading conditions but also offers significant financial incentives is crucial. Tickmill's rebate program, promising up to 90% cashback with rates up to 9 USD per lot, stands out as a highly attractive feature for traders. This article delves into the details of Tickmill’s rebate offer, evaluating its impact on trader profitability and satisfaction.

Overview of Forex Rebate Programs

Forex rebate programs are designed to provide traders with a return on their trading fees, such as spreads and commissions. These rebates are typically calculated based on the volume of trades a trader executes and can significantly reduce the cost of trading.

Tickmill's Rebate Structure

Tickmill offers one of the industry's highest rebate rates, enabling traders to receive up to 9 USD per lot traded, which can amount to 90% of the trading cost depending on the account type and trading volume. This structure is particularly beneficial for high-volume traders, enhancing their profitability by directly reducing trading costs.

The Advantages of Tickmill’s Rebate Offer

Tickmill’s rebate program is not just about reducing trading costs; it is also a testament to the broker’s commitment to providing value to its clients.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Efficiency: The ability to earn up to 9 USD per lot significantly lowers the effective trading costs, making it one of the most competitive offers in the Forex market.

  • Increased Trading Capacity: With reduced costs, traders can increase their trading volume without a proportionate increase in expense, potentially leading to greater profitability.

  • Immediate Returns: Unlike some programs where rebates are credited monthly, Tickmill credits rebates daily, allowing traders to immediately reinvest their savings.

Market Trends and Statistical Analysis

Rebate programs have become a pivotal factor in a trader’s decision-making process when choosing a broker. Statistical data indicates that brokers offering substantial rebates see higher retention rates and increased trading volumes.

Industry Trends

The trend towards brokers offering aggressive rebate programs has intensified competition in the Forex market. Traders are increasingly looking for value-added services that enhance their trading economics, beyond just tight spreads and comprehensive trading platforms.

User Feedback and Case Studies

Feedback from Tickmill’s clients frequently highlights the rebate program as a major factor in their satisfaction with the broker. Many traders report that the rebates have a tangible impact on their trading results, affirming the program’s effectiveness.

Case Study

Consider a high-frequency trader who typically trades 100 lots per month. With Tickmill’s rebate of up to 9 USD per lot, this trader could save up to 900 USD monthly, significantly affecting their bottom line.

For more detailed insights into Tickmill’s regulatory framework and client reviews, traders can refer to financial watchdog sites like Finance Magnates, which provides comprehensive reviews and ratings of financial services.


Tickmill’s up to 90% cashback rebate program is a significant boon for Forex traders, offering one of the most compelling financial incentives in the industry. This program not only enhances the profitability of trading activities but also demonstrates Tickmill’s dedication to supporting their clients’ trading endeavors. By providing such high cashback rates, Tickmill not only attracts a wide range of traders but also retains them by effectively reducing their trading costs and improving their overall trading experience.

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