FxPro Rebates-$7-55/Lot – PipRebates – Get 90% CashBack

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In the competitive world of forex trading, rebates have become a key factor in a broker's value proposition, directly influencing a trader's bottom line. This detailed review explores FxPro’s rebate offer, which promises substantial cashback ranging from $7 to $55 per lot traded, achievable through PipRebates.


Rebate programs are designed to reduce trading costs by returning a portion of the commission or spread paid by traders on each trade. FxPro's partnership with PipRebates to offer up to 90% cashback is a significant development in the forex trading community, potentially shifting how traders evaluate broker benefits.

FxPro and PipRebates Rebate Program

Understanding the Rebate Structure

FxPro’s rebate program, facilitated by PipRebates, provides a tiered rebate system where traders can earn between $7 and $55 for each lot traded, depending on the volume and instrument. Such a program is aimed at incentivizing high-volume traders by reducing their cost per trade significantly.

How It Compares

When compared to other leading brokers, FxPro's rebate offer is competitive, particularly at higher trading volumes where the rebate amount increases. This tiered structure is beneficial for both retail and institutional traders who operate with large volumes.

Market Impact

Attraction of New Traders

The aggressive rebate strategy employed by FxPro can attract a significant number of new traders. Rebates are a powerful marketing tool that can tip the scales for traders choosing between multiple brokers.

Retention of Existing Traders

For existing traders, enhanced rebates ensure loyalty to the platform as they reduce trading costs, which can accumulate to substantial sums over time. This retention strategy is crucial in the volatile market of forex trading.

User Feedback and Industry Trends

Trader Reviews

Initial feedback from traders who have participated in the rebate program is overwhelmingly positive. Many appreciate the transparent structure and the significant savings on trading costs. However, some have pointed out the need for high trading volumes to fully benefit from the highest rebates offered.

Industry Response

The move by FxPro and PipRebates has prompted other brokers to reconsider their rebate offers, potentially leading to a broader enhancement of trader benefits across the industry.

Technical and Operational Considerations

Ease of Access

Accessing rebates through PipRebates is straightforward, requiring traders to sign up through the PipRebates platform. This ease of use is crucial for the adoption of the rebate program.

Impact on Trading Strategy

For traders, understanding the impact of rebates on their overall trading strategy is essential. While rebates can reduce costs, they should not be the sole factor in choosing a broker.


FxPro's rebate offer in partnership with PipRebates is a strong contender in the forex market, particularly appealing to high-volume traders due to its potential to significantly reduce costs. While it presents an attractive option, traders should consider all aspects of their trading needs and not just the financial incentives.

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